What Others Are Saying

"When I first started working with Steven I was utterly destitute in every aspect of my health, specifically my physical health. Because I had been so severely ill for so long, I had lost all hope for any kind of recovery.
Steven’s genuine care and mind, body, spirit approach allowed me to make breakthroughs and progress I simply could not acquire on my own. After working with Steven everything seemed to come together, and I accomplished more with him in two months than I had in the ten years prior. This was by far the most worthwhile investment I could have given myself."
"Steve’s passion for life is contagious. From his humor, to his wisdom, to his faith. The impact he has had, not only on my journey but also on many others, is great beyond words"
Dan R.
"I met Steve when I was 15 and we still have a great relationship 15 years later. We’ve been through a lot together and he is someone I share big achievements with as well as areas where I am struggling or think I can do better. His ability to highlight the peaks and give constructive feedback on the bad is unparalleled and someone I know always has my best interest at heart. He's a true teacher in every sense of the word and someone I will continue to use as a resource. Above all that he is a friend and those are hard to find."
Bill R.
"Steve has done wonders with my son Ryan. Steve has transformed a somewhat quiet 15-year-old boy into a confident and strong young man. Steve’s number one priority is proper lifting technique and form. As a parent, it is so nice to see that safety is paramount. Steve is funny, kind and a wonderful listener. He really understands the teenage years and the challenges that come along with this particular age group. Ryan truly looks forward to working with Steve every week and always comes home with a smile. I’m so grateful for Steve’s presence in Ryan’s life!"
Mary K.
"Steve's holistic approach to improving mind, body and spirit has affected positive change in my spouse's recovery from a massive stroke. Steve' s highly personalized and solution focused approach to healing has done what other practitioners have not: inspired us to set and achieve personal and professional goals with purpose and meaning."
Maura D.
"I don’t really know how I came across Steve’s video. I must’ve been doing something online and all of a sudden his video was in front of me and I clicked on it. The best click of my life! Seriously! I was completely at ease within in the first 10 seconds of meeting him. He truly is the kindest, most generous, intelligent soul I’ve come across. I have done more work on myself in the short time that I was with Steve than I have ever done in my life. He helped me work through things that I never thought I could. Quite honestly, he changed my life. Whether it’s setting goals or exploring your spirituality or getting in shape there is no better person out there than Steve Bowman."
Gina P.