What I Do

I’m a certified personal fitness coach with the National Association of Sports Medicine, Precision Nutrition coach.

My Philosophy

I believe in a three-step healing process to achieve ultimate happiness within: 

  1. First is to understand the spirit. Spiritual wellness doesn’t mean you need to become religious, although there are often overlapping practices and principles. Instead, spiritual health means learning to focus on your connection with your inner self and the greater world around you.
  2. Second, is to understand the mind. The mind is your communication and control system. It is composed of mental images, or recordings of past experiences. The goal is to discover what it is, whether in the past or present, that is holding you back from achieving your goals.
  3. The third is physical health. The body shows us signs and symptoms of either optimal or suboptimal health. Through personalized exercise plans and nutritional coaching, you can learn to recognize these signs and symptoms, to track and measure them, and to ultimately feel your very best.

Personal Training and Nutritional Counseling

As a former Division I collegiate athlete and certified personal trainer with the National Association of Sports Medicine, I have a deep understanding of and respect for the physical body. And as someone who went from the height of an accomplished football quarterback to the low of being completely drained of energy from a malignant brain tumor, I am uniquely qualified to help you on your journey to regain your physical strength.

My workouts focus on core stabilization, while developing endurance, strength and power at a pace that is unique to each person. Core and balance are the foundation of any training program, whether you are training for an athletic competition or training to increase mobility.

Nutrition and exercise go hand-in-hand. While diets may work for the short time, only a change in mindset and shift in lifestyle can bring lasting change. While I do draw on my nutritional certification and scientific research from books like Eat to Beat Disease and The China Study, I don’t subscribe to a specific dietary program. Instead, I will help you identify quality calories that help you manage weight but also boost your body’s own built in immune system. I listen, I
motivate, and I help you address your own healthy eating concerns and unique nutritional requirements.

Please note: If you are taking medications, a doctor’s note will be required before physical activity can begin. Each person is unique, and this will help me to design an individualized program tailored to your abilities.

Holistic Life Coaching

Perhaps the most powerful of my coaching techniques are those that focus on integrating the body, mind and spirit. By helping you to identify the reasons why you prevent yourself from being the best version of you, I can help you to find the happiness you seek and create a new self-identity if you will.

I have many tools in my holistic coaching toolbox, but I also draw from my own personal experiences as a lifelong practicing Catholic. Of course, we can talk as much or as little about your own religious beliefs as you are comfortable. In fact, it’s not necessary to subscribe to any religious beliefs to become a powerful creator of your own life.

Coaching is a process used to facilitate individual change and personal development. The emphasis is on future goals, being proactive and recognizing opportunities as they arise. I will help you to explore ideas, discover what is most important to you and help you to unlock your inner resources to help you invent the future you want.

How we Begin

My programs are tailored to each individual. The first step is to schedule a FREE consultation where I can assess your situation and gain better clarity on how we could work together to achieve your goals.