who I Am

I was a 29-year-old, newly married, former athlete when I was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Something About Me

I’m so glad you found your way to my site. It’s my hope that you find something here that inspires you to make a positive change in your life. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Steve. I’m a certified personal fitness trainer, life coach and nutritional coach. I specialize in working with people struggling with chronic disease, particularly cancer. You see, I’m a cancer survivor myself – brain cancer. I know what my clients are going through, and I also know how small changes can make a big difference in how they feel and how they overcome.

More than a decade after my own diagnosis, with support of my family and my faith, I heeded the call for a career change. Having conquered my own adversity, my mission now is to help others reach their own potential – spiritually, mentally and physically.

Using a holistic approach, I help others going through what I went through to heal – to really heal – from the inside out. I like to think of myself as more than just an exercise or nutrition coach, but rather a recovery coach. Drawing on my personal experience and my expertise, I help my clients achieve a full, healthy life. I’m a man of devotion, striving to stay true to my core values – honesty, kindness and helping others. My faith and the power of prayer got me through some of my most difficult days and I continue to honor God in all that I do, both personally and professionally. Outside of helping people achieve their own best selves, I am happiest at home with my wife, Alicia, and our two sons in Cheshire, Connecticut.

I hope that by sharing a little bit about me and my personal experiences, that you might find hope for a better future for yourself. And if you are so inspired, reach out to me. I offer FREE consultations and it is my sincerest desire to help everyone struggling with illness, mental or physical, achieve the quality of life they deserve. Whether you’re newly diagnosed, currently in treatment or a long-time survivor who hasn’t quite put the pieces of life back together again, there’s a plan at Spirit, Mind & Body wellness for you.

I invite you to read my story below.

Yours in health,
Steve Bowman

My Story

Back in 2006, I was working in the family plumbing and heating business. I was 28 years old, newly married and living a seemingly ordinary life. Then, one day in November, everything changed. On that day, I was diagnosed with brain cancer.

My memories of those early days are like snapshots. I remember my wife crying. I remember thinking, “How could this be happening?” And I remember lying on a gurney in a dimly lit room at Yale New Haven Hospital. The tumor pressing down on my cerebellum was making me feel nauseated. I also remember my surgeon, all 6’4” of him, sitting on the edge of my bed, legs crossed, eyes peering over the glasses perched on the tip of his nose. “Doc,” I said. “They say I have a brain tumor and they’re not sure if it’s operable.” His response, I remember clearly. With the utmost confidence, he replied, “Let me tell you this. I’m going in there tomorrow and I’m getting it out.” And he did.

But that is only the beginning of my story. It was a long road post-surgery, and I am thankful that with the help of my wife and the grace of God I was able to recover. But as so many others understand, cancer left its mark. At times the residual effects felt too much to bear. I remember one particularly weak and disparaging moment, questioning God, and asking him why he kept me alive. Through the power of prayer, I began to feel a shift. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and focusing only on my suffering. I started to embrace my life. And when I did, my healing journey began.
When I walked out of the hospital 15 years ago, I wasn’t told what to eat or given any exercise protocol at all. My doctors told me, “Do whatever you can.” And I did. But it left me 30 pounds heavier. Coupled with exhaustion from treatment, the extra weight felt as though it was keeping me pinned to the couch. I knew I needed a change, but what? I eventually went back to the gym, but I just wasn’t able to push myself out of my comfort zone. I received a gift that eventually sparked my own journey to becoming a certified fitness instructor. I was given a 10- session personal training package. It was exactly the push I needed to regain my strength, to live a healthy lifestyle and to fortify my physical energy.

By 2009 I had reclaimed my physical health and was working in the construction field, running my own residential homebuilding business. I enjoyed what I did, especially interacting with my customers, but a part of me still felt unfulfilled. And that’s when another unexpected gift changed my life. In 2019 I was given a ticket to a Tony Robbins seminar, “Date with Destiny.”

It was there that the answer finally came. I knew why I had been kept alive and I knew exactly what was holding me back from realizing true happiness. At the seminar, I was asked to write a mission statement. I wrote, “I want to share my story, inspire others and help people develop to their fullest potential.”

Ultimately, I found a sense of renewed purpose. Within the following year I became a certified personal trainer, a holistic life coach and a nutritional coach. I knew I could help people in their own healing journeys, spiritually, mentally and physically. I knew I could help people become the happiest version of themselves, even during a difficult time.

And that is how Spirit, Mind & Body was born.

How we Begin

My programs are tailored to each individual. The first step is to schedule a FREE consultation where I can assess your situation and gain better clarity on how we could work together to achieve your goals.