What Makes Me Different

My programs are completely customized and personalized to your unique abilities and goals.

What Sets Me Apart

Unlike some training programs, my goal is to set you up for independent success. I will teach you the skills you need and help you find the confidence within you to overcome any obstacle that prevents you from attaining happiness – and that includes regular exercise. The greatest compliment you could pay me would be to reach a point where you no longer need me. 

I can work with you in your home or mine (home gym). Depending on your living space, your lifestyle and your budget, I can recommend the right equipment for you. It could be as simple as exercise ball and resistance bands, or it could be a more sophisticated system of weights and exercise equipment. What makes me truly different is that I personalize each program to each client.

How we Begin

My programs are tailored to each individual. The first step is to schedule a FREE consultation where I can assess your situation and provide clarity on how we could work together and achieve your goals. I know what it’s like to go through surgery, radiation chemotherapy, physical therapy, vestibular therapy and Craniosacral therapy. I know how low your low can feel. I’ve been there. Most of my programs begin with a focus on your physical health. We’ll get your body moving in a way that is right for you and helps you to regain strength and start feeling good. Also, the mental and spiritual components to healing are very important to becoming your absolute best. After meeting with you and completing an evaluation, I will be able to recommend personalized services.